Sunday, 2 December 2012

School Traditions

Friday's assembly was a special one: naming the first set of Student Responsibilities for Sandymoor:

One of the nice things about being part of a community is the chance to celebrate events and significant dates. In families, birthdays and anniversaries can be important times in the year, where the family gets together to celebrate these milestones. And at the big events, such as weddings, etc, it is a chance for the wider family to get together for a celebration, with members of the community meeting for the first time in a long time.
These events are part of what holds the family together; the joint celebrating of the good times.
And in school communities, it is important to mark specific things as well. That is why we have the birthday celebrations in school, as a community we are celebrating each and every one of our personal milestones. . .
That was why we celebrated the school’s official opening the other week – and from here on in, the first Friday after half term will be a celebration event in the school calendar. We will meet, formally, as a community to celebrate what the past year has held for us and look forward to the coming year.
And traditions are important to communities too. I don’t know about you, but in my family, there was, for example, always a present left under the tree to be opened on Boxing Day (because my parents didn’t want all the excitement to be over on the one day!). And, of course, it’s always important to leave a carrot for Rudolf on Christmas eve ….
The formality of a community’s traditions are part of what helps to define the community. Those who take part in the tradition are a stronger part of that community. And so in a way, Founders’ Day will become a tradition here at Sandymoor. Something that helps us understand who we are as a community.
And today we start another tradition. Student leadership roles. These are posts people have applied for and some people have been disappointed by not getting the post they wanted. We have selected a team of student leaders who will have the opportunity to have a real impact on Sandymoor school, taking responsibility for clear and specific parts of how the school works as well as having an input into how the school grows and develops.
Before I announce the post holders, however, I do want to stress the responsibility that these people will have. Each person I announce now will have to promise to try their hardest to lead by example, to hold the school and the reputation of the school.
It is a huge honour to be given the responsibility, but with that honour comes the serious business. Each and every one of these people will be given specific jobs to perform and they will have to show us that they can do this.
But without any further rambling, I am pleased to appoint the following:
Head Girl:                            Rebecca Edwards
Deputy Head Girl:            Jamie To
Head Boy:                          James Laff
Deputy                               Jack Kirkbride
Form Captains:                 William Webb (Yr07)
                                            Alfie Rowland (Yr08)
House Captains:               Tyler Willcott (Darwin)
                                            Rowan Hobson (Einstein)
Prefects:                            Annie Hilton     
                                            Eleanor Watson
                                            Sophie Betteridge
                                            Georgia Coakley
                                            Aaron Davies
                                            Chantelle Stewart
                                            Sydney Cato
                                            George Stoddart
                                            Daniel Fenelon
                                            Sean Poutney
                                            Connor Whitmore
Charity Prefects:              Nicole Smith & Callum Thornton
Sports Prefects:               TJ Robertson & Rebecca Fenelon
Arts Prefect:                     Jessica Rooney
School Newspaper:        Chris Harrop
Well done to every one of them! I will be meeting with the Head Boy & Girl to discuss the specific roles for the prefects next week, and the Head boy / girl & deputies, form & house captains will form the school council as well.
Another Sandymoor tradition has begun.

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